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Ohio Bass Clubs

There are two active bass club "federations" in Ohio - the Ohio B.A.S.S. Nation (B.A.S.S.), and the Ohio Bass Federation (FLW). The majority of bass clubs in Ohio are affiliated with one or the other, although there are clubs in the state that elect not to affiliate with either organization. Bass clubs are a great way to participate in tournament bass fishing, meet a lot of great people, and learn more about the various waterways Ohio has to offer, as most clubs typically visit a number of different fisheries across the course of a season. Affiliated club members may also have the chance to qualify for higher-level events such as regional, state, and national tournaments, including the prestigous Bassmasters Classic. Additionally, nearly all clubs promote conservation as well as advancement of the sport.

Below you will find a directory of Ohio Bass clubs along with links to both federations. If you belong to a club and you don't see it here, please forward the information and we will get it listed ASAP. 

Ohio Bass Federations

Ohio BASS Nation
The Ohio Bass Federation

Ohio Bass Club Directory

Club Name Location Website Contact Affiliation
Allen County Bassmasters West / SW Website Mike Hanes OBF / FLW
Ashland County Bassmasters North / NE N/A ashlandcountybassmasters@yahoo.com OBF / FLW
Athens County Bassmasters South / SE N/A Tony Grubbs OBF / FLW
Belmont Anglers Bass Club (9.9 Lakes) Southeast NA Randy Redman None
Buckeye Nation Bassmasters Central N/A Todd Thompson OBFN / B.A.S.S
Bushwackers Bassmasters South / SE Website Paul Perkins OBF / FLW
Butler County Bassmasters West / SW Web  FB Tony Vieson OBF / FLW
Catch 5 Bass Club West / SW Website Todd Davis OBF / FLW
Central Basin Bass North / NE Website centralbasinbass@yahoo.com OBF / FLW
Champaign County Bassmasters West / SW N/A Al Evans OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Columbus Bassmasters Central Website Scott Gordon OBF / FLW
Cranberry Marsh Bass Club Central Website Steve Coulter OBF / FLW
Cridersville Bass Busters North Facebook (419) 234-7917 OBFN / B.A.S.S.
East Ohio Bass Club East N/A John Bates, (216) 956-6478 OBF / FLW
Five Star Bassmasters Central N/A Joel Plough OBF / FLW
Gahanna Bass Anglers Central N/A William Smith OBF / FLW
Gallipolis Bass Busters South / SE N/A Shawn Hawks, (740) 388-0442 OBF / FLW
Grand River Bass Club North / NE N/A Mike Urbania OBF / FLW
Guernsey County Bass Association East Website Mark Choma None
Kokosing Valley Bass Club North N/A Darrin Lewellen OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Miami Valley Bassmasters West Website Steve Schulz OBFN / B.A.S.S.
North Coast Black Bass Anglers North / NE Website Contact Form, (216) 338-6022 OBF / FLW
Ohio Valley Bass Anglers North / NE Website Tony Holzer OBF / FLW
Ohio Valley Bass East Website Chris Clutter, (740) 424-4104 None
Ohio Valley Bassmasters West / SW Website Mike Brown OBF / FLW
Olde Canal Bass Anglers Central N/A Jack Miller OBF / FLW
Out Cast Bassmasters Central N/A Kevin Imer  (614) 452-0119 OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Outlaw Bass Club East Website Gary Mcrobie None
Perry County Anglers Association Southeast Website John Harter, (740) 405-7936 OBF / FLW
Portage Lakes Bassmasters North / NE Website Contact Form OBF / FLW
QueenCity Bass Club Southwest Website Contact Form OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Shelby County Bassmasters West N/A Randy Dickerson OBF / FLW
Southwestern Ohio Bass Busters West / SW N/A Tony Maxwell OBF / FLW
St. Clairsville Bassmasters East N/A stcbass@hotmail.com OBF / FLW
Team Extreme Bassmasters East Website Bob Cox Sr. OBF / FLW
Three Rivers Bass Club Southwest Website Don Copenhaver, (513) 313-1850 OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Tri-County Bassmasters North / NE Website Ted Vitaro OBF / FLW
Trophy Bassmasters West Website info@trophybass.org OBF / FLW
Twin City Bassmasters East Website Derek Kelsey OBF / FLW
Twin Rivers Bassmasters Central Website Dave Davies OBFN / B.A.S.S.
Warren County Bassmasters Southwest Website Bill Donaldson, (513) 470-9670 OBFN / B.A.S.S.

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